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Proudly display your patriotism with the TG American Flag Patch, the perfect way to honor the United States. This patch is designed to be worn on the right shoulder so that the flag always shows facing forward. Full color options are available for wear on military uniforms during garrison duty, along with a subdued olive patch to be worn while on deployment or in field situations. The hook field ensures both a quick removal and a secure fit that will stay in place during physical exertion. Featuring durable construction and a classic design, this patch is a perfect patriotic accessory.

Features of TG American Flag Reversed Patch
Scorpion OCP black and spice brown authorized for wear with Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform
Height: 1.75″
Length: 3.25″
Canton in top left, designed for wear on right shoulder
Embroidered design
Hook field sewn onto back
Subdued patch available for military wear on deployment or in field
Full color patches available for military wear on garrison duty
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