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Hook-and-loop wrist strap

For the best in comfort and fit, the hook-and-loop wrist straps ensure that adjusting and adapting is both quick and efficient.

Hard, molded knuckle

When impact protection and durability are a must, the Hellfox’s molded knuckles offer top-level defense against a variety of impacts and hazards.

Tech-friendly fingertips

In a world that’s always online, you can be too. These gloves come equipped with touchscreen-compatible fingertips that allow you to type, text and tap uninterrupted.

Reinforced palm panel

Whether you’re handling a phone or a firearm, the reinforced microfiber palm provides the grip you need to hold your gear steady.

  • Hard, molded knuckle
  • Tech-friendly fingertips
  • Lightweight microfiber loop for hanging up or attaching gloves to a pack (not designed for pulling gloves on)
  • Ribbed ottoman, neoprene and microfiber exterior
  • Debossed polyurethane palm and fingers
  • Reinforced palm panel
  • Adjustable polypropylene wrist strap with hook and loop
  • Specially placed neoprene provides flexibility
Glove Size Measurements
Medium 8-8.5″ (20-21.5cm)
Large 8.5-9″ (21.5-23cm)
Extra Large 9.-9.6″ (23-24.5cm)